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Understanding Feng Shui Decorating

Understanding Feng Shui Decorating

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Learn all about decorating and Feng Shui. Discover easy, at home, solutions to your health, wealth, love and happiness. Use simple, Feng Shui principles of design in your own home....

Feng Shui Lighting
Feng Shui Lighting Chinese%20red%20lanterns//Chinese_red_lanterns_01.jpgLighting Feng Shui
Feng Shui is more than just interior design. Feng Shui claims that it can help you to harness the forces of nature and improve your:

family life

Feng Shui LightingFeng Shui LightingInterior lighting
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Feng Shui is a form of interior design dating from ancient times. For some people Feng Shui is interior design. There are certainly many common ideas and themes to both Feng Shui decorating and ‘ordinary’ interior design.

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Feng Shui started in China – although it is commonly seen as a Japanese art form as well. In more recent years, Feng Shui has become known and used worldwide.

Literally, ‘Feng Shui’ means ‘wind and water’. The idea is that the interaction between these two elements creates an ‘energy’ or ‘chi’. This idea of ‘energy’ or ‘chi’ is the concept behind the whole Feng Shui ideal.

Feng Shui interior design decoration

There are energies or ‘chi’s’ inside you. These are said to be centred in special ‘energy-centres’ around the body – called ‘chakras’.

There are also energies or ‘chi’s’ in all parts of the environment around you, especially in your home. Your own energy is connected to and interacts with the energies around you.

This is why Feng Shui looks at the energy or ‘chi’ inside your home, to make sure that the energy inside your home is positive and will only have a positive effect on you while you are in there.

In fact, Feng Shui is not just limited to your home – you can use Feng Shui in your work place, garden or anywhere in your life – it is just that the home is the most important place – as you spend so much time there, and sleep there too.

Decorating and Feng Shui
Decorating and Feng Shui centres around the energies of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. Yin is a peaceful, calm energy which makes you feel relaxed. Yang is a lively, active energy, which makes you feel more stimulated and active.

Feng Shui decorating trends to focus on how changes in your home affect the person living in, or using, the space – rather than on how your space just ‘looks’.
Feng Shui DecorationFeng Shui Decoration
Feng Shui decorating is actually quite a complex skill. When a Feng Shui master does an assessment of you and your home, it could involve quite complicated charts and compasses.

If you just want to get a better idea of easy, Feng Shui decorating principles that you can do yourself at home, take a look here…


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