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Feng Shui Decorating Tips

Feng Shui tips for home is one of the tested and reliable ways of welcoming positive energies in your home world. In this section we provide free Feng shui tips and ideas for all the main rooms of the house so that as you go about decorating your home you are also sure to maintain a right balance with the nature. The primary focus of Feng Shui dekoration is that energy should flow freely throughout the house. So let’s take up each room individually and spend some time in making them Feng Shui friendly.
Feng Shui DecorationFeng Shui Dekoration

Main Entrance

The main entrance of the house is also called the ‘Chi Gate’. The main entrance according to Feng Shui is the prime gateway between the world and your own private world. This is the main point through which the air enters and exists your house. The position of the main entrance to a large extent determines the fortune and misfortune of the entire household. So if your front door has an unrestricted view to the back door then try to block it with curtains or blinds. Have plants and if possible water fountain at the entrance of your house. This will help in keeping all the negative energy away from your house.
Side Entrance
With the differing work timings side entrances are used much more than earlier. One Feng Shui tip is that side entrance should not be used more than the main entrance. If the side entrance is used more than the front door then it is going to affect the energies of the house. source: Wohnideen
Living Room

The living room is one of the prime rooms of the household. This is where we welcome and entertain our guests and have all major family gatherings. The furniture used in the living room should allow movement and free flow of conversation. According to the Feng Shui tip, living room is a yang area so it is best to add some plants, soft cushions and even an aquarium in the living room.
Understanding Feng Shui Decorating
Feng Shui and Furniture Arrangement
Dining Room

Feng SHui Dining RoomFeng SHui Dining Room
Dining room is the place where we sit down after a busy day for a relaxing meal. Try to avoid any type of argument when sitting down for dining, otherwise the atmosphere becomes tense and people tend to eat faster that affects their health. Try to have your dining table round as circle symbolizes heavenly blessings. Another Feng Shui tip to keep in mind is having an even number of chairs in the dining room. Also the decor of the dining room should always be kept simple so that it doesn’t take away the prime attention: food.
Feng Shui BedroomFeng Shui Bedroom
Feng Shui gives a lot of importance to the bedroom. It is one of the most private rooms of the individuals of the house, maintaining a peaceful and comfortable ambience in this room is very much required. While placing the bed, make sure that the foot of the bed should not be in the same line as the door. This is because in ancient China, the dead were placed with their feet pointing towards the door so that they can go to heaven comfortably. Also mirrors should never face the bed. This has even been said in Vaastu, the ancient Indian science on architecture. By having mirrors facing the bed, the person can complain of disturbed sleep and bad dreams.
Living Room Feng Shui
Feng Shui Kitchen
What is Feng Shui
Well one of the basis tip for kitchen is, though it is an important part of the household you don’t want it to be the first thing someone sees when they enter the house. The positive energies in the kitchen is very important for the health of the entire family. Though it is the hub of activity, we don’t spend more than 2-3 hours in the kitchen. To make your kitchen a happy place there has to be a balance between two important elements: the fire and water. Having a right balance between the two will welcome positive energies in your home.

Feng SHui BAthroomFeng SHui BAthroom

Bathrooms have the maximum yin flowing. However it can’t be called as a water source in the house. So if your house requires water element to be balanced then you can’t take bathrooms as the source according to Feng Shui. Have some yang elements with bright colors and candles to balance this area. Also according to Feng Shui tips the bathroom should never be in the center of the house or at a place that where it comes to notice as someone enters the house. Though attached bathrooms are the trend of today try to keep a bit of distance between the bed and the bathroom.
Floors and Ceilings
Feng Shui influences not only the individual rooms but also the flooring and ceiling of each room of the house. Ideally the ceiling should be flat. If the ceiling is sloping then it will cause the air to flow unevenly throughout the house, contributing to health problems. Similarly, floorings should also be leveled so that there is balanced maintained.
So with these simple Feng Shui tips make your home a world of positive energy. Balance the yin and yang and see how your world changes into a much better and prosperous place.
Feng Shui Decorating Tips
Feng Shui for Bedroom


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