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Feng Shui Bedroom

In the bedroom, you should relax and rest. In the words of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: "Dream for all people is the same as the factory for hours." But, of course, night's sleep lasts a little longer. One third of our lives we spend in the bedroom.
This is our secret headquarters. Ideally, the bedroom should be located as far from the entrance to the apartment or house, from the kitchen or bathroom. If the bedroom and the kitchen has an adjacent wall, it may mean that food plays a big role too. The bedroom next to the bath brings anxiety, especially when we are asleep at the wall, behind which are the water pipes.
In any other room mirrors play a leading role as a tool for energy management, but not in the bedroom. And for good reason. In this room the first thing we need peace, not constant movement, of course, except for good ventilation of the bedroom before sleep. In traditional feng shui on mirror reads as follows: during sleep the soul leaves the human body and saw myself in the mirror, frightened. For our readers who are probably thinking: "Oh, my soul is not so black, give a rational explanation. The mirror there to reflect, and it happens all the time, even if we do not look at him. This means that the mirror constantly "radiates", and that state power does not rest-stops us from sleeping. So that your bed should not stand in the area of the mirror. Therefore, a wardrobe for the bedroom is not good.
Ideal cases in which the mirror hung on the inside as it was still our forefathers. If you are in the bedroom is still worth a wardrobe or bed can not be rearranged in another location, there may be such solutions:

Bed - the center of the bedroom. Some consultants provide on this matter two councils, which require necessarily follow, otherwise the consultants do not guarantee couples a happy and healthy:
A married couple should sleep in one continuous mat, or separation and divorce is inevitable.
Beds should move in a direction favorable for the pair. If the spouses have different favorable direction, it is best to sleep in different bedrooms.
Now, under item 1: back pain have long been nation-wide disease. In this regard, today Orthopedists urge to sleep on individual mattresses, designed for a certain weight and body position during sleep.

2. We close the window blinds at night, near the bed set the night table with rounded corners or close the angle of the towel.
Summary sheet pretty good it may bring a couple and cover the gap between the mattresses.
According to paragraph 2: the spouses, for many years sleeping in one bed, accustomed to this and want to feel each other close at night, can not be forcibly separated. Will they look in a favorable direction - is of secondary importance. Favorable trends are a plus when everyone else is in harmony. Only then can they, figuratively speaking, are the "cream" over the rest of the cake.
Traditional feng shui says that his legs in any case should not be at the door. This posture - the position of the coffin "- meant that sleeping soon" will put forward their feet "from the premises. And this advice in our analysis is not a priority. On the contrary: we must see from the bed door and lie on the "energy highway", that is, between the window and door.
Left: Here lie dormant in the middle of "energy highway".

Right: The night the curtains should be closed.
In contrast, unfavorably, if the door is visible right from the bed. This rule was widely distributed in Europe, at least in the homes of wealthy people. Those who reclined in bed, would thus avoid the situation where a servant brings host a morning tea and sees him undressed. Those who recognize themselves in this situation, we can recommend a screen dividing the room, because we suspect that your bedroom has the size, it is allowing to fit into it this pieces of furniture.
Practical advice.
Beds should not stand close to the window. Traffic on the street can have a negative impact on our sleep. A man is best left to lie to, if necessary, he could protect his woman more powerful right hand. Bedding can be colored, the color of the personal element. However, it should avoid bright colors, especially Yang-accented, for example, bright red color. Colourful clothes and flashy graphics may lead to insomnia.

From left: those who sleep there, lie in a draft on the "energy highway".

Right: we are harmonizing the situation, rearranging the bed so that spouses can see out of bed the door, and close the plant.
Reminder: Bedroom
Do not sleep under a transverse beam, otherwise you'll fall asleep with the feeling that the beam is "cut off the" you in my dreams. Zadrapiruyte beam cloth fabric or lie parallel to the beam. Royal Solution: Just make a canopy over the bed.
Room fountain or a poster with a view of the waterfall would be inappropriate in the bedroom, because they are a stimulating effect on the kidneys and bladder.
Massive picture frames or hanging cabinets directly over the heads of sleeping too, have an adverse impact, similar to the transverse beam.
Reading lamp should be placed next to the bed, not the back and no overhead.
Water mattresses and blankets are electrically source of electromagnetic fields, which prolonged exposure can cause disease.
The bedroom should be as small as possible appliances. Do not put next to the bed halogen lamps for reading, and clock radios. Not recommended as beds and mattresses with electronic regulation.
Avoid in the bedroom of the metal in any form.
If you're lying next to the "correct" the wall in terms of a bedroom, but behind the wall is Electric boilers, refrigerator or freezer, forget the rules of Feng Shui and move the bed. The electromagnetic radiation passes through any wall.

Feng Shui Kitchen

The kitchen in the house symbolizes the most powerful Yang. Here the cook and often there is to it, and eat here with family members drink coffee, you can get yogurt from the refrigerator and make yourself a sandwich.

Some classic works of Feng Shui believe kitchen "unfavorable" room. This can be explained by the fact that sometimes when dealing with boiling water or hot food can not do without the small and large domestic troubles. Ideally, the kitchen should be on the south-east. This area is considered the best, as the wind blows from this direction, could inflate and maintain a fire in a large oven. Probably, therefore to the South-East are trigram "Wind".
From a modern point of view, too reasonable to stove and dishwasher did not stand beside each other ("Water extinguishes fire"). However, opening fire, except for gas stoves, are long gone, but the couple - washer and electric - generates electrical noise. Shui kitchen
Practical advice.
If this neighborhood can not be changed, at least Glue a mirror film between these devices or hang on the wall between the stove and sink a wooden spoon. This way you create a symbolic division between counterparties - Water and Fire, introducing an element between the intermediate tree. The cook or the cook at work must always keep in sight the door. The only way to guarantee that some attention will not always be distracted by what is happening behind.
Overhead cabinets over the work areas are unfavorable because they symbolize the severity and, moreover, send hidden arrows. Where you have a lot of messing about, preparing food, of hanging cabinets should be abandoned. So-called open kitchens gaining increasing popularity. In our time, when the family is common only for the joint food, this decision is quite logical. These dishes are also recommended in terms of Feng Shui, because they support the communication and family unity. However, care should be taken to cooking odors do not spread through the whole house. After starting the drawing must be properly ventilate the apartment, as with the smell of the outside shall be made and oxygen.
Practical advice.
Attach above the sink (dishwasher), a red silk ribbon. It should prevent the outflow of money (because of the open drain). For this reason, closed after cooking drain hole plug.
In classical Feng Shui in the kitchen is always in a zone of wealth raised pot with rice, and whole family always made sure that there was always rice. And this was the reason: supply of rice - a rice symbolized wealth - should be inexhaustible.

Practical advice.
We also love rice. But we are at this place put salt, because in our culture, salt is an ancient symbol of wealth. It seems possible to put in the forefront of our Western tradition.
Kitchens with walls of blue unfavorable. Color used previously in order to protect stocks from pests. Blue light dims the kitchen and reduces the activity of the digestive system, because the digestive organs - stomach and spleen - are linked with the element Earth. However, those who want to lose weight may have a blue plates. This color therapy reduces appetite!
Practical advice.
If, in preparing food, you're standing back to the door, it would be beneficial to put a mirror over the stove, which, in addition, optically doubles the amount of food that symbolizes abundance.
Do not place the dishwasher next to the fridge. This means an excess of the element water, which can symbolically extinguish the fire board. In reality, in such cases are often trouble the water.
Reminder: kitchen
Choose cabinets and tables with rounded corners to avoid the hidden arrows and accidents.
Litter in any case not be put into the kitchen. Cat toilet and cooking - are incompatible.
Do not leave a note on knives, forks and other sharp objects. Remember, not only about the "hidden arrow", but also about the very real risk of injury, especially for young children.
Regularly check their stocks of products. You will find that acceptable shelf life of many products have long expired. And it also blocks the energy!

Feng Shui Bathroom

Bathroom and toilet in terms of classical Feng Shui is a very problematic area apartments. The reasons for this lie in the history of China.

Precious mandarins have a very peculiar habit regulate their digestion: they sat in a stretcher and ordered his servants to include himself in the bosom of nature or built specifically for them toilet. Thus the house had not been "defiled.

But from the standpoint of modern Feng Shui in these areas, there are some features that can not be assessed as positive: a toilet is, first and foremost, "hole" in the floor of the house, through which energy leaves the house. Therefore, the most famous commandment Feng Shui says: "Close the lid of the toilet!" We would like to add that to our culture, this rule is not new. Out of courtesy to all who use the toilet, the toilet seat should be closed.

Japanese Bathroom

Where, however, there arose negligence in the form of permanent open toilet lid? Partially to blame television and advertising. Turn on the TV-ka, and soon you run into an ecstatic housewife who spends a great pride in the presentation of his shiny toilet! And this picture is blatant demonstration toilets for decades entrenched in the minds of people. Every housewife with an open toilet lids wants to prove that she has absolutely everything is absolutely clean! In addition, you should, in principle, to remember that close to not only the toilet seat, but the bathroom door. In this way you prevent the outflow of Qi.

If, as often happens, guest toilet is located near the front door, most of the energy will be immediately washed away, not energized apartment.

Practical advice.
Place the crystal on the outside toilet door. For this purpose, there are semi-circular crystals that stick to the door and neutralize the influence of the toilet, as well as further raise the level of Qi. Put this in "the adopted child of the architect" mirror to optically enlarge a crowded room.

In most apartments and houses that we analyzed, shower, bath, washbasin and toilet are located in the same room. Here we must take action to view does not fall immediately on the toilet. Even the towel can hide the toilet from view.

If possible, bathroom and toilet must be away from the entrance to the house or apartment. Remember that if you build a new house, because feng shui says that the guests are taken home with the impression that they saw the first and last - at the meeting and when parting. And if the toilet is located near the front door, then remember this and not the rest of your tastefully furnished apartment.

Feng Shui living room

Evening room comes alive. In this room, family members meet and tell each other about their small everyday adventures. Therefore, the living room, we can label as a room for meetings and communication. However, there is "face" different temperaments, or the energy of family members, often in the full sense of the word. Shui living room
Practical advice. Organize this room, especially in harmony, so that everyone felt comfortable here. The table can be based on a favorite tablecloth mother on the wall to hang his daughter in a beautiful picture frame or booties worn by children in infancy, and in a glass bowl put a particularly beautiful and valuable stones from the collection of minerals, the father.

Where is the apartment is the best place for family? The strongest in the energy space can be found if we enter into the room through the front door and follow the flow of Qi to where he'll lead. There should establish a table or couch. Think that does not necessarily put in the center of the room TV, as in this case, the likelihood is high that flickering box will always be in the spotlight, and any attempt at conversation between family members will be doomed to no luck.

Practical advice. Locate the cabinet in which to place all that often collects in a "mess hall": from magazines about chess. Arrange upholstered furniture and chairs so that they would possibly lined the walls. There must be visible not only to the door, but also painting, sculpture, or a bouquet of flowers, that is something that pleases the eye. If the chair is in the middle of the room, slide it to the wall or set him high plant, which "protect" your back. However, this plant should not have sharp leaves, sending into space "hidden arrows".

Be careful not to overload the room. A small number of beautiful furniture leaves enough free space so that there could meet the life-giving. High massive closets and cabinets, walls give the impression of gravity and violate the harmony, especially if they stand along one wall of the room. On the floor in front of the cozy corner or under the table should ideally be based on a large round rug. It brings together family members and encourages communication. U-shaped soft corners better than the L-shaped: the man sitting on the shortest side of the L-shaped sofa can feel like a stranger on the wearing of the rest, because everyone is looking past him, with no one spoke.

Install the lamps so that the light did not hit in the eye. An open fireplace can help create coziness in the room, provided that they use regularly. However, if the fireplace in the room is just decoration, or even an imitation of this fire, he ceases to be a donor of Chi. In this case, you can compensate for the loss of Qi through the chimney fire, putting it inside the plant.

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