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Living Room Feng Shui

Feng Shui Living Room
Feng Shui Living+Dining+Room.jpgTraditional Feng Shui Living Room
Living room Feng Shui is one of the best ways for balancing the energies in your house. Living room is one room of the house where all the nine elements of Bagua feng shui can be implemented. When one takes a close look at the living room we find a large number of possibilities for decorating it as well as bringing positive energy inside the house. Right from the wall colors, furniture, plants to living room decorations everything plays an important role in balancing the Chi and Yang in the house. So let’s take a look at some of the basic things to harmonize the living room.
Feng Shui Furniture
Feng Shui Living Room Furniture
Feng Shui Furniture
Position of the living room furniture plays a vital role in balancing the Feng Shui elements. The ideal position for the couches and chairs is to face the door. If that’s not possible at least don’t have its back towards the door. Seating should be such that it takes an octagonal or circular shape while the people can see the door easily without the requirement to turn around for it. Avoid pushing the furniture against walls and keep the number of seats even with enough space for the guests to move around comfortably. The living room’s main table should be clean and free of clutter, symbolizing health. Placing natural plants or flowers bring an overall feeling of positiveness and health in the room.

Mirrors play a very important role in Feng Shui especially for the living room. A strategically placed mirror can be of lot of uses in the living room. It can not only bring more light to a particular area of the drawing room but also reflect a symbolic element in it. Other than that mirrors makes rooms appear larger and also can be used to reflect the door from a selected spot. But remember don’t put a mirror opposite your door, as this will repel all the energy out. If your living room is small one can place a large mirror so that your living space appears larger. Keep in mind to place the mirror in a way that it doesn’t cut the reflection of your head when you are standing or sitting. You should be able to see yourself properly in the mirror.

Corners and Dark Areas
Tackling the corners of the living room can be a bit of a challenge. The best way to brighten up such areas is by adding plants or lighting elements. Put some lamps or hang your favorite painting to liven up the corners. Another simple Feng Shui tip is to put a potted plant with round leaves in this space. Never put straight or spiky leaved plants. Putting a fish bowl or an aquarium also works very well for the corners. Other than this one can also put crystal objects of different sizes to spread cosmic energy throughout the room. This would help in attracting chi that would not otherwise flow through these areas. To harmonize the living room feng shui it is important that chi is able to flow equally throughout the room.

Feng Shui living room colors should give a relaxing and comforting feel to the guests. A living room should be cozy and warm place. Having soft pastel colors on the wall works wonder. But colors are not limited to walls only. For example if you have carpets in the living room then it is very important for it to correspond to the direction of the room. If your living room is in the southeast direction then the carpet should be in violet color. And if the living room is on the east side then green is the best choice according to Feng Shui.

Living room is the most adorned room of the house. So there are many paintings and pictures that decorate the walls. Feng Shui guides you to the different pictures having different effects in your house. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

  1. * Pictures of swimming fish signify longevity.
  2. * Cascading water is a symbol of good luck.
  3. * Paintings of lambs bring luck.
  4. * Landscapes of sunrise, mountains or water are a symbol of hope.
  5. * Pictures of happy and smiling people encourage positive feelings.
  6. * Dark colored pictures bring on ill health
  7. * Paintings based on geometrical shapes increase destructive feelings
  8. * Excessive use of red color induces irritability.
  9. * Paintings and pictures of wild and ferocious animals bring poor health.
  10. Living room
Feng Shui Living room
Feng Shui Living room
With the modern lifestyle, living rooms have many electronic appliances placed in focal positions in the room. Television or any other metal object should never be placed in a central position in the Feng Shui living room. If there is a fireplace in the living room then it is best to have it in the center of the room as fire stimulates as well as enhances passionate living and the free flow of chi as well. Other than this, having a round clock in white and gold in the west or northwest section of the room also brings in good luck. If possible put the clock on the left side of the room and on the same wall as the main door leading into the room.

Therefore with some simple changes in arrangement and some quick fixes one can bring the positive elements of Feng Shui in the living room welcoming happy feelings and keeping conflicts at bay.
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