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Feng Shui for Child Room - Feng Shui

Difficulties in organizing the nursery according to the requirements of Fan Shui usually has when it is inhabited by two children, often raznopolovi. If this was added a small area, the problem deepens. Here we show successful solution to surface only 16 square meters for a boy 13 and girl of 8 years.
Red Feng Shui roomRed Feng Shui room
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The option of two beds, one above the other is not recommended by Fen Shui, because the upper bed pressing the aura of a child who sleeps below. Upper bed of the child does begin to charge. Offer opportunities to set a single correct placement of the beds - at an angle to the walls. This is the most sheltered place with the relaxed energy. No drawers under the bed, and empty space, which ensures free circulation of energy. To not have the heads of sleeping next to each other in a corner between the bed Chest.
Nursery and baby room

Feng Shui NurseryFeng Shui Nursery

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Desk with rounded corners and two jobs, consistent with the favorable directions of children

Between the door and the terrace may be placed only garderobcheta and library as place is "on course" literally and figuratively. Lockers are not made deliberately to the ceiling, because all serious, dark and vast children oppresses and suppresses energy.

Bureau for lack of a double room for two desks. It lies perpendicular to the window so that each child "control gate", ie with minimal rotation of the head seen anyone enter. Subconsciously most people are vulnerable to his back, so it offers protection from the relaxation. In the ancient teachings with particular attention to any of the favorable direction for sleeping and learning. It is determined by year of birth on spreadsheets, which were published in issue 2 / 2002 of the magazine. Since the direction of learning here is not good for the boy, was imposed by a specially selected correction symbols. The Bureau is rounded to allow smooth flow of energy. Acute angles emit directed energy and are not recommended in general.
Boys room
Feng shui for boys Children-Room-Furniture-921-.jpgFeng shui for boys

The colors in the room were also selected as the individual characteristics of both children and areas of the house, which falls in this room. Yellow assist thinking, but since both are still learning a lot, this is the predominant color. According to Chinese astrology, this boy needs to strengthen the element tree, which is achieved through the green on two walls. Moreover, green is the middle of the visible spectrum of light and submit balance and harmony. The girl is necessary to strengthen the element Metal, therefore I have chosen nikilirani legs and furniture handles.

The window is traditional for Bulgaria flowers - geranium, pelargonium, geranium, basil. They clean the air by phytoncides that broadcast, but also serve as an energy barrier to the street and people's eyes.

Computer and TV are not useful at all the energy of space. The working long electronic equipment increases the concentration of positive ions in the air, which causes fatigue and difficulty thinking. This can be changed through the ioniser. It is not desirable to spend hours in front of screens and therefore psihotronnoto impact. Monitor on a pyramid to neutralize the harmful radiations and cacti them to absorb it further. As a rule, prickly plants are not recommended by FAN Shui because of their sharp-tipped rending aura of us when we move along with them. But there is no problem to raise them in places away from us.
Feng shui for kids

ioneskyekidsroom.jpg Kids room Feng shuiKids room Feng shui

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Two icons are hung on the east wall above the chest, not over the bed, because the shelves for heavy books and paintings created over them a potential threat to sleep and are not recommended.

Map of Europe is placed in the northeast - in general Knowledge of room to stimulate this aspect, important for both students.


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